Nature of Research

Research at the IRTI covers basic and applied with a view to developing models and methods for the application of Sharia in the fields of economics, banking and finance. The salient features of the research are to: expand the frontiers of Islamic economics and finance as a discipline through knowledge creation and sharing; encourage networking of professionals from within and outside the IDB Group by conducting seminar, thematic workshop and policy roundtable discussion; preparing policy papers that can promote policy dialogue and; promote and develop teaching material and packages.

The mechanisms and instruments of implementation are that are related to research include: In-House Research; Research Grant; Conferences and Seminars; Thematic Workshop and Policy Roundtable Discussion; Books/Chapters in Books/Proceedings; Journal Articles; Working Papers; Policy Papers; Islamic Economic Studies (IRTI Journal in English, Arabic and French Languages); Eminent Scholar Lecture Series; and any other works.

On our focus

The IRTI’s research reflects the breadth and depth of our concerns in Islamic economics and finance, all directed toward the IDB wants to be known as a multi-lateral development financial institution based on Sharia principles (IDB’s vision). One of the possibly unique features of the research division is the wide range of Islamic economics and finance issues in the program. Research is conducted both within and across several thematic themes, in collaboration with researchers in other parts of the IDB, with colleagues in universities and research institutions throughout the world, and collaborators in almost all the member countries in which the division’s work is focused.

Islamic Financial Institutions and Financial Sector Development

The themes are divided into the following clusters:
  • Islamic Financial Institutions and Financial Sector Development
  • Islamic financial products development
  • Financial Stability and Risk Management
  • Economic development in OIC member countries
  • Human development in light of Maqasid Al Sharia​

Who we are ?

Research team members of the Research Division in IRTI are:  


​Name ​Position CV
Dr. Dawood Ashraf Senior Research Economist​
Dr. ​Hylmun Izhar ​Senior Research Economist​
​Dr. Khalifa Mohamed Ali Senior Research Economist
​Dr. Salman Syed Ali         Lead Research Economist
​Dr. Turkhan Ali Abdul Manap Senior Research Economist​
​​Dr. Muhamed Zulkhibri
Senior Researcher​
Dr. ​Abdelrahman Elzahi
Senior Researcher​
Dr. Tamsir Cham Research Economist​​​

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