Islamic Development Bank Institute Organizes its 17th Global Forum with Focus on Disruptive Solutions for Economic Resilience

04 May, 2023

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The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Institute is organizing the 17th IsDB Global Forum on Islamic Finance with a special focus on leveraging disruptive technologies to build an inclusive and resilient future.

Under the theme ‘Disruptive Solutions for a Resilient Economy’, the forum will be held on 12 May 2023 in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in conjunction with the 48th Annual Meetings of the IsDB Group.

H.E. Dr. Muhammad Al Jasser, the Chairman of the IsDB Group, will deliver the keynote speech, while former IsDB President H.E. Dr. Ahmad Ali will speak on the launch of the book, ‘The Islamic Development Bank and Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Ali: History of an Institution and Journey of a President’.

The book documents the evolution and exceptional achievements of the Islamic Development Bank under the leadership of Dr. Ahmad Ali over a period of four decades, from its establishment in 1975 until his retirement in 2016.

This year’s Forum will also feature the launching of a report titled ‘Islamic Financial Services Industry Development Ten-Year Framework and Strategies: A Final Review’. The report is a joint initiative of the IsDB Institute and Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB).

Two panel sessions will be held on formulating proper policies to guide the application of new financial technologies to reduce poverty and achieve shared prosperity.

The first panel will present the current and future applications of digital vouchers, and explore potential partnership opportunities to help create a more financially inclusive community.

Speakers in this panel are Dr. Mohamad Hammour, Chairman and MD of Guidance Financial Group, and Member of the Institute’s Board of Trustees; Mr. Rami Alkarmi, Founder, Abnewnormal ai Venture Studio, and Member of the Board of Trustees; and Dr. Peter D. Holden, Chief Corporate Development Officer at Beyond Limits Inc.

The second panel will introduce and discuss the Sukuk Enhancement Fund as a product that aims to support the Islamic finance ecosystems in IsDB member countries. The panelists are Dr. Suminto Sastrosuwito, Director General of Budget Financing and Risk Management, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia; Mr. Ijlal Ahmed Alvi, CEO, International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM); and Ms. Sabeen Saleem, CEO, Islamic International Rating Agency (IIRA).

The forum is being co-organized with three knowledge partners, namely King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Effat University, and University of Business and Technology (UBT), Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The full program is available here.

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