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Knowledge Solutions


The Knowledge Solutions initiative objectives is to transform critical components of the economy of IsDB’s Member Countries using Fintech innovations and technologies (AI, Blockchain, IoT, etc.) to bring about valuebased, inclusive and sustainable growth in line with principles of Islamic economics and finance.

Main Activities

The main activities under Knowledge Solutions initiative are:
• Designing and structuring of new, innovative, knowledge-based solutions for development challenges of IsDB’s Member Countries.
• Identifying new opportunities, and emerging needs, for the delivery of innovative knowledge solutions in the Islamic Fintech space.

Major Solutions

IRTI’s major solution products are mainly blockchain and crypto-based (similar to tokens), and dedicated to enhance socio-economic impact in IsDB Member Countries (MCs) and muslim community in non-MCs.

Some examples of these solutions are:
▪ Crypto-token and social cryptocurrency
▪ Blockchain-based Credit Enhancement Solution
▪ Crypto-based Smart Voucher
▪ Waqf and other Sharia’ah Compliant Financial Instruments powered by Blockchain platforms

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