Launching of New e-Course in Islamic Banking and Finance

21 Nov, 2019

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A new e-course in Islamic banking and finance has been launched through a partnership among the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI), International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) and International Chamber of Commerce Academy (ICCA).

The course is aimed at professionals working in banks, corporations and financial institutions. It provides a foundational understanding of the core norms, modes, principles and prohibitions that govern the Islamic financial system and how it differs from conventional financial systems.

Comprising six lessons, the program covers a range of topics, including contracts, the role of ethics in the Islamic financial system, prohibition of riba (usury), and the most suitable organizational model for Islamic banks. The course also includes real world examples in the form of a detailed case study.

Speaking about the launch, ITFC General Manager, Trade & Business Development, Eng. Nasser Al-Thekair said, “The new e-course has been designed keeping in mind International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation’s (ITFC) and Islamic Research and Training Institute’s (IRTI) strategic priority to promote Islamic finance and to build capacity within the private sector.”

Engr. Al-Thekair added, “With IRTI as the author of this program, we are looking forward to introducing more sophisticated trade finance products, in line with the evolution of the market and the needs of their clients, including the area of Islamic Finance.”

The curriculum is delivered via the ICC Academy’s innovative digital platform, which is accessible on every mobile device. The online course offers new features, such as a searchable course glossary, dynamic animated videos, a quiz review dashboard for assessment tracking, achievement badges, automatic bookmarking and pre-assessment games.

You can enroll in the e-course here.

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