Course 1 survey en

08 Jan, 2020


1.The Objectives of the Training were Clearly Defined

2.Objectives of the Training were Fully Met:


3.The Training materials were sufficient and comprehensive

4. The Content was Organized and Easy to Follow:

5. The Activities (case studies & exercises) were Helpful:

6. The Content was Well Covered in the Allocated Time Frame:

7. Allocation of the time between class-work and activities were adequate:

8. The Materials Distributed were Helpful:


9. Schedule (days, #of days, hours & breaks) was Suitable:

10. The Training Room and Facilities Were Adequate and Comfortable:

Instructor 1: Mohammed Saleh Ayyash

11. Instructor was competent within his field:

12. The instructor was well prepared and organized:

13. The instructors responded to questions effectively:

14. The instructor provided opportunity for discussion with other participants
to exchange and ideas:

Learning Outcome

15. The Training met my expectations:

16. The Training will enable me to apply the topic learned in my work:

How do you rate the training overall?

What were the major strengths of the Training? What was the most useful?

What suggestion do you have for improving the Training?

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