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At the Islamic Development Bank Institute (IsDBI), we help Member Countries overcome various economic challenges and achieve their development goals through the following core functions:


Pioneering Research & Economic Analysis

We create knowledge through pioneering Islamic economics research with the aim to address the development challenges facing IsDB Member Countries. We originate knowledge products that could help IsDB Member Countries effectively respond to economic challenges and poverty, make evidence-based decisions, and get up to date with information on various topical issues and IsDB-led initiatives.


Human Capital Development

We support IsDB Member Countries to build future knowledge leaders in Islamic economics and finance for the entrepreneurial development. We help institutions to develop their human capital through the design and delivery of innovative and effective learning, training, and certification programs.


Innovative Knowledge Solutions

We work to transform critical components of the economy of IsDB Member Countries using Fintech innovations and technologies to bring about value-based, inclusive, and sustainable growth in line with principles of Islamic economics and finance. We lead the design and structuring of knowledge-based solutions and work with strategic partners for the delivery of state-of-the-art applications of Islamic Fintech for development.


Developing Islamic Finance Ecosystems

We lead in providing Islamic finance technical assistance and advisory services with the objective to build an enabling environment for Islamic finance by assisting in the development of legal, regulatory and supervisory frameworks. We deliver Technical Assistance program to help countries create an enabling environment for the provision of Islamic financial services; Capacity Building and Awareness to help raise the profile and acceptance of Islamic finance around the world and to place IsDB Institute as a leading institution supporting the development of the Islamic finance industry; and Advisory Services through advising Islamic infrastructure institutions on policies, standards, guidelines and other research and publications for the continued growth and stability/resilience of the Islamic finance industry.


Knowledge Management

We aim to position the IsDB Group as best practice institution and knowledge broker of choice in the niche of Islamic socio-economic development and banking knowledge. We provide the strategies, frameworks, policies, and processes to transform the IsDB Group into a knowledge-based institution. We collaborate with external development partners, think tanks, centers of excellence, and civil society in the co-creation and delivery of knowledge and learning services.


Publishing in Islamic Economics & Finance

We lead in publishing in the fields of Islamic economics and finance. We have produced flagship reports, books, and journals in various languages that include Arabic, English, French, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, and Bahasa-Indonesia. We aim to leverage e-publishing to maintain the Institute’s leadership in Islamic economics & finance publishing.

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